The story of Miss Chow’s​

There was an adventurous young man named Mr Moon Chow, who travelled from China to seek his fortunes in Western Australia. While waiting for news of the gold rush, Mr Moon Chow made a living crafting delicious dumplings that reminded him of his home far away. His dumplings soon became a favourite amongst the locals who would often come to the market eagerly awaiting the exotic, tasty parcels.

One evening, a sweet and kind woman who had recently arrived from France crossed his path and it was love at first sight – quelle chance! Over a plate of Mr Moon Chow’s dumplings they shared stories and laughed all night. A few moons later, they married and had a little girl who learnt the secret recipe of the scrumptious dumplings. Today, in this beautiful, modern Chinoise-style setting, Miss Chow brings to you these famous dumplings (which may be enjoyed with a bit of French champagne for good measure).

Bon Appétit!

Miss Chow's is the Talk of the town